Our philosophy

Creativity is both a gift given to human beings and one of
God’s character traits. Although it is a gift it can be acquired
by learning, but it can only be developed by practical experience.

Children and youth are often perceived as the ones that need
to be taught. Salt ’n’ Peppers however, wants them to find out
how much they have to give! We want to encourage children
and youth to grow in their creative skills and provide
opportunities for them to use them for a common purpose.

As Christians we have discovered the Good News and God’s
love as the source of life. It gives us hope und motivates us
to look beyond our own personal needs.

With our skills and talents in action, we want to be an
expression of God’s love.

These values are of particular importance to us:

+ Training and support
We believe in the potential of the young generation and are committed to helping them discover God´s deposit in them! Alongside the training in different creative skills, we also offer leadership training and coaching.

+ Connecting generations
It is important for us to honor the older generation and function
as role models for the younger ones. We want to learn to
appreciate the unique gifting and experiences that the other generation contributes

+ Leadership as a team
We function as a team. That may be slower at times, but it also more sustainable and: it is much more fun!

+ Being a Christian in every area of life
The balance between word and deed matters to us. Our
every-day life should be marked by our relationship to God.
We want our enthusiasm about God to have an expression
wherever we are.

+ Expressing creativity
We want to express our joy about the Good News creatively. Through dance, drama and songs etc we share what the love of
God means to us, what we have experienced with Him and why
we are so excited about Him

Our logo:
Our logo symbolizes two biblical principles:

The saltshaker: Matthew 5:13
You are the salt of the earth

Red Pepper: Romans 12:11
Never let the fire in your heart go out. Keep it alive.
Serve the Lord.

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